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To understand Patricio Robles Gil’s commitment to the natural world it is essential to perceive him as an artist that uses his passion and skills to communicate the beauty and importance of the last wild places.

He finds of interest the fact that at the beginning of this millennium we have become eyewitnesses to some of the Earth’s greatest environmental changes which we thought would not occur in our lifetime, but which unfortunately are already affecting life on this planet. The way we approach these challenges, finding new and different ways to face with them, will define the opportunities of the present and future generations.

Fifty years ago Patricio was touched by encounters with wild nature. Since then, he knew he belonged to the wild, where our roots are. But more important, it is in the wild where he feels himself complete and finds sanity and peace in this chaotic world.

Since his early thirties he was involved in conservation. He founded two of Mexico’s most renowned conservation organizations, Agrupación Sierra Madre and Unidos para la Conservación.

In the late 80’s Patricio was one of the first in Mexico to engage large corporations in the conservation movement, not only because of their economical power but for their important need of a corporate commitment to biodiversity and wilderness. This is a great opportunity, for after all, businesses are driven to bring results. His commitment and unique approach to conservation has been recognized worldwide.

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