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“Once I heard a colleague say: ‘Photographers: we are the eyes of the world’. This is by all means a great privilege but it certainly is, at the same time a huge responsibility. My photography changed the day I decided to put my thoughts and words into actions. Instead of just contemplating, I committed myself to bring the beauty and importance of nature to society and that day I found a meaning to my passion.”

Photography is a great tool to make a change, but in essence it is an art form by itself. For over 18 years Robles Gil has used drawing as a form of expression. He drew Mexican ethnic groups, that side of Mexico that survives in the mountains, forests, and deserts. He tried to use other artistic means like the canvas and sculpture, but it was in his sketches that he was able to express himself most deftly. During all those years, there were several exhibitions of his work in private galleries and museums, including the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

He left that world behind the day he committed himself to nature. This new phase brought him closer to encounters with wildlife and wild places. Photography, a much faster tool, replaced the pencils, and nature did the same with the dark faces and deep looks of the Mesoamerican cultures.

Inspired by some of the most renowned nature photographers and looking to make a contribution to the planet’s environmental agenda, he has photographed five continents over a period of 15 years with his wife Patricia Rojo. He has focused on the concept of biodiversity countries, the most diverse and most threatened ecoregions, and the wilderness areas around the world, but mainly he is always in search of the essence of nature that can only be found in pristine and remote wild places.

Patricio Robles Gil is synonym of the emerging field of conservation photography. His name has been mentioned in several international forums. In 2006, the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) commended his work with its most prestigious award The Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year, and lately in 2009, he received the Conservation Photographer of the Year Award from Nature’s Best Magazine.

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