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Although Patricio’s work has been published in numerous magazines and books, and his prints have been in several museums and exhibitions, only a small fraction of it has been seen by outsiders; many unfinished projects and images are still confined to his files.

After spending 25 years photographing his native country, Patricio has one of Mexico’s best covered archive of wildlife and environment images: over 60 protected natural areas; endemic, endangered and flagship species in the wild including jaguars, black bears, blue whales, quetzals and much more. He has focused on biodiversity and its threats in three major ecoregions: the Mayan rainforest, the Gulf of California and the Sonoran Desert and the sky islands in the Chihuahuan Desert. In many cases he has video footage of these themes.

Patricio has traveled over 50 countries in the last 15 years to document 25 of the 35 most diverse and threatened ecosystems on Earth (Hotspots*); 12 of the 16 most diverse countries (Megadiversity*); and 26 of the 30 most remote and wild places (Wilderness Areas*).

He has documented stories on use of biodiversity, transboundary conservation, conservation actions, conservation photography like the RAVES (Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions) – an initiative of the International league for Conservation Photographers (iLCP)

He is always on the look-out to capture images of endangered and vulnerable species: five of his pictures of them are part of the renowned Canon Series campaign in the National Geographic magazine.

An essential part of his files also include animal migrations, great spectacles of the natural world, landscapes, people and nature, ethnic and culture, archaeological sites as well as images of different threats to the environment: climate change, human footprint aerials, deforestation, pollution, fisheries, land fragmentation, and exotic species that damage the fragile ecosystems where they are released.

To access Patricio’s photography for editorial or publishing purposes is as simple as sending a detailed request to the two e-mails addresses below. Please be as specific as possible on: the subject, the type and size of the file, the format (horizontal or vertical), and the use to be given to the image(s).

Because of his large archive files some of his images will need to be scanned. PRG is the only one that controls the archive, so if he is in the field it might take some time before you get the material. So please submit your request in good time.

We will require payment in advance depending on the size, use and the print run.

*  Concepts according to Conservation International

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