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Patricio lead the first  expedition of  International league of conservation photographers ILCP to El Triunfo cloud forest in the Sierra Madre del Sur in Mexico’s Chiapas state.

The five members of this team  were  world renown wildlife photographers, that have the task  to capture in tow weeks the biodiversity of this critical endanger ecosystem. Thomas Mangelsen, Jack Dykinga, Fulvio Eccardi and Florian Schulz join Patricio in this insiative.

At the end of el Triunfo RAVE that took place from the 2th of April to the 14th in 2007, Patricio send the report to all fellows of the ILCP on June 04, 2007.
* See letter send by Patricio to the ILCP fellows

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After the success of El Triunfo RAVE, Rodolfo Ogarrio one of Mexico’s leading conservationist contact Patricio in order to implement a new Rave in Balandra Bay vulnerable costal ecosystem.
* See invitation to the Balandra RAVE

The Balandra RAVE took place from the 14th to the 17th of September in 2007 and Patricio lead again a diveres team of photographers. ( Jack Dikinga, Flip Nicklin, Michael Calderwood, Fulvio Eccardi, Octavio Aburto, Miguel Anguel de la Cueva and Ralph Lee Hopkings)

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Press Release: Balandra RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition). A decisive battle to protect Baja wilderness
A team of world renowned nature photographers will descend on Baja California to protect one of the last wilderness. Together they will fight back against the large-scale tourist development of Baja California in Balandra Bay. Their images will support the counter action of the environmental organizations that are fighting to protect the area.

Balandra Bay, 30 km north of La Paz, is a pristine coastal ecosystem that holds one of the last mangrove areas in the region. It also has significant cultural value as an area of spiritual retreat for many people.

World famous photographers Flip Nicklin, Jack Dykinga, and Patricio Robles Gil, amongst other eight, will spend four days in Balandra, from September 13th-16th, to photograph and communicate the unique values of this special and highly threatened area. They belong to a new breed of activist photographers that joined together under the name of the International League of Conservation Photography (ILCP). Founded in 2005 by environmental activist and photographer Cristina Mittermeier, the ILCP aims to bring photographers together with scientists and politicians to document threats to the natural world and to agitate for solutions.

The ILCP recently launched its first Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition (RAVE), in which a team of ILCP fellow photographers and researchers descended on Mexico's El Triunfo cloud forests for ten days to document all aspects of this environmentally threatened area then distributed their findings through the media. This kind of high-profile operation, a photographic Delta Force tasked with saving specific regions, is at the hearts of ILCP's mission.

One of the goals of this initiative is that the local partners can us the photographs taken during the RAVE. Miguel Angel de la Cueva one of the local RAVE photographers send this email six months later after the expedition.
"Good news!!!, the Colectivo Balandra which a group of citizens, organizations, institutions which fought hard to stop development in Balandra Bay in the Gulf Of California and which ILCP supported with the Balandra RAVE  won the 2008 Dubai International Award for Environmental Practices , this was given on December 2008 but published a few weeks ago, since I was traveling I did not find out until I heard my answering machine, ILCP's credits are among the longest version of the document which I will sent soon, I am having a meeting tonight with Gabriela Anaya who is the director of this initiative, an slide show of the RAVE images will be presented at Dubai too.
Congratulations for all!!!!!
Miguel  Ángel de la Cueva
Planeta Península A.C.

“El Triunfo” photography exhibition, EPSON Gallery Mexico City 2007



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