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Patricio has been editor of 33 books about nature, bio-diversity and conservation, since 1984.

"Allow me to congratulate you on what I think is the most stunning book program in the world and one which surpasses even the magnificent work of David Brower and the Sierra Club's historic and ground breaking program that vaulted fine landscape photography into the public view in the defense of nature in the 60's and 70's. I send you my most hearty congratulations and respect"
Douglas Tompkins

All books are for sale, please contact:
Elena Leon,
(52) 55 56 11 01 58, (52) 55 56 15 96 49

Text by Joan M. Andrews
Year of publication, 2009
Language English and Spanish
Pages, 120
Photos by Patricio, 28
Price $29 dollars

Foreword by Michael Calderwood
Text by Patricio Robles Gil
Year of publication, 2010
Language English and Spanish
Pages, 114
Photos by Patricio
Price $29 dollars


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