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IEPA, The International Environment Photographers Association is planning to launch a photography exhibition in Niigata, Japan from March to April 2011. IEPA is an association of professional environmental photographers in Japan. Their goal is to enlighten the environmental conservation and pass the beautiful image of nature down to the youth through photographs.

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The Bund a weekly magazine in Shanghai China, publish a special issue about the world most influential environment photographers, Patricio Robles Gil is part of this prestigious list.
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The U.K. magazine Outdoor Photography in its Christmas 2010 issue, presents the 40 most influential nature photographers, Patricio Robles Gil is part of this prestigious list.
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Last November Patricio joined a diverse group of scientists and photographers in one of the most remote and unexplored marine ecosystems in the Mexican Pacific. The Islas Marias Archipelago has been strictly regulated since 1905 when the Mexican government established a penal colony on María Madre, the largest island. More recently the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) declared the four islands and their surrounding waters a National Protected Area.

The leaders of the expedition, Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra and Dr. Octavio Aburto, wanted to gather more information about this pristine marine ecosystem and invited several researchers from Mexican and U.S. universities. Patricio was invited to coordinate the photographic documentation by the land-based team, which included two Spanish photographers: Francisco Márquez and Jaime Rojo.

The expedition was possible thanks to the partnership between Mexico's National Institute of Ecology and UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, as well as the necessary permits issued by Mexico's Ministry of Public Safety.

Isla San Juanico, Photo: Octavio Aburto (Patricio Robles Gil, Exequiel Ezcurra, Alfredo Barroso, Fransisco Marquez, Jaime Rojo)
This small selection shows some of the archipelago's scenery as well as a few of the endemic species such as the endangered yellow-headed parrot (Amazona oratrix tresmariae).

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NANPA's 2006 Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year, Patricio Robles Gil was invited to talk about his work in the conservation of wilderness and nature photography, at the NANPA's sixth annual Outreach Event.

From photographing wild jaguars and the sheep and goats of the world to leading the first two ILCP RAVEs, Patricio has been following his passion to conserve wilderness.

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Patricio was invited to be one of the juries in the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 competition.
(Sophie Stafford, Mark Carwardine, Colin Finlay, Doc Perrin, Patricio Robles Gil, Gemma Webster, Rosamund Kidman Cox)

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After his participation Rosmand Kidman Cox, the editor of the book "Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 20" invited him to do the foreword of this prestige publication.

This is a collection of unforgettable pictures by some of the world's top wildlife photographers, comprising all the winning and commended pictures in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 competition. Together, they celebrate the beauty, wonder and importance of the natural world.

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Last November a close friend of Patricio’s, acclaimed nature photographer Francisco Márquez, invited him to give a talk on his work to young students at the renowned Talavera art school in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. He gave the presentation after two weeks photographing Spanish wild ibex with Francisco.


For the second time, Fuji de México has used Patricio's photos for its annual calendars. In 2010 Fuji was one of the sponsors of the expedition to Brazil's El Pantanal to capture the emblematic jaguar and the lush environment in which it lives, images that you can see in this year's calendars.

This is not the first time Fuji de México has supported a communication campaign to promote conservation of the world's biodiversity. In 2009 Fuji sponsored four major photo exhibits at the 9th World Wilderness Congress in Mérida, Yucatán. Prior to that, it also partnered with Sierra Madre to publish the Spanish edition of Art Wolfe's book Libres y salvajes (The Living Wild).

Fuji's corporate commitment to the environment sets a solid example for other businesses of how a company can help change the public's interest in preserving our natural heritage.


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For over a decade the international Transcontinental Printing company and Agrupación Sierra Madre, in partnership with Unidos para la Conservación, have published a large-format Conservation Calendar (44 x 48 cm) with Patricio’s photographs of a variety of Mexico’s ecosystems.

Since 2009 the Calendar has highlighted international wildlife, and this year Patricia Rojo, Patricio’s wife, contributes to the publication. Together they present unpublished images of wild jaguars taken on a trip to El Pantanal, Brazil, this past July and September.

The calendar is distributed free to conservation organizations. If you would like to purchase a copy, contact:
Elena Leon,
(52) 55 56 11 01 58, (52) 55 56 15 96 49

* It is only US $20 plus shipping and handling.


Cover shoot: Patricia Rojo

For 22 consecutive years the Unidos para la Conservación appointments calendar highlighting Mexico’s and the world’s diverse wildlife has been a communications tool for corporations, institutions and NGOs.

The jaguar cover photo on the 2011 edition was shot during Patricio’s most recent trip to El Pantanal, Brazil.

If you would like to purchase a copy with your corporate logo please contact:
Elena Leon,
(52) 55 56 11 01 58, (52) 55 56 15 96 49




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